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A free trip for two with the purchase of one unit of one bedroom or more

2 options

This offer is valid until February 28, 2015.[1]

A 7-day trip to the city of your purchased condo unit

This option includes a round trip air tickets for two from Montreal with 6 nights accommodation to the destination city of your purchased unit.
Meals, insurance, and all other travel costs are expressly excluded.
This vacation value will not exceed the total amount of $5,000 (including all applicable taxes) and needs to be redeemed before May 1st, 2015.

A 7-day european tour

Based on availabilities only.
Meals, insurance, and all other travel costs are expressly excluded.
The tour value will not exceed the total amount of $5,000 (including all applicable taxes) and needs to be redeemed before May 1st, 2015.


Fill in the information forms in YUL sales center. Once you have completed the 10% down payment, which is non-refundable, and present the mortgage approval from your financial institution, YUL will book the tickets and hotel for you; if you want to book them by yourself, we will reimburse you up to a maximum amount of $5,000.00 per 2 persons (including all applicable taxes), when you present the receipt of the tour/travel.

[1] The offer is subject to terms and conditions described in the information forms which is accessible at YUL sales center. It is also understood between the parties that YUL is not acting as a traveler agent nor as seller of vacation packages. YUL will not be responsible for any damages and the client is discharging YUL to any liability in connection with the the tour/travel gift. YUL is reserving its right to cancel the offer at its sole discretion.

Montreal condos for sale YUL
Montreal condos for sale YUL

YUL will create a unique form of pre-flight entertainment. It has engaged some of the foremost muralists in the world to display their talents on a gigantic 26’ x 38’ canvas located on the development site. Given YUL’s international inspiration, each of the muralists has been assigned one of the cardinal points of the compass – North, South, East and West – and asked to interpret it in their own unique manner.

They have been given a week to complete their works, which was on display for two weeks, until they were taken down to make way for the next artist.

What direction has their inspiration take them? Find out here.

YUL. Artistry abounds.


Madrid’s RICARDO CAVOLO — born in 1982 in Salamanca, Spain — specializes in an endearingly simple, though hardly naïve, drawing style that doesn’t shy away from dramatic colours. Whether he’s illustrating a Charles Dickens children’s book, designing record sleeves for the Gran Derby label, paying tribute to Russian tattoos on T-shirts for Syndicate Original, or collaborating with designers for the 2013 Spain Fashion Week, CAVOLO crafts images that recall classic comic books, advertising art and, more than anything, lively folk art from across the globe.

Ricardo has collaborated with brands such as Converse, Dockers, and Levi’s. Over the past year, he has developed a series of mural works for Cirque du Soleil, Urban Outfitters and Nike, to name a few. Keep an eye out, as Ricardo’s mural collaborations continuously expand.

For more information, visit:

Montreal condos for sale YUL


OMEN is an internationally recognized professional artist specializing in fine art aerosol paintings from Montreal, Canada. OMEN has well over 16 years of experience transforming any forgotten space or canvas into an unforgettable and technically unparalleled work of art using, at times, just black and white. He is a strong proponent to the aerosol movement and is one of the key global advocates for the promotion of a mature form of street art that is recognized by traditional fine art institutions.

OMEN's work and history can be enjoyed in his online gallery/blog ( and followed on social media under the moniker OMEN514.

Montreal condos for sale YUL


Jasper Wong is an artist, illustrator, and curator. He is a man who wears many hats and is best known for his art that is a unique clash of Asian-influenced pop culture on paper. Jasper has exhibited worldwide, in places such as Japan, California, France, London, Mexico, New York, Hong Kong, Chicago, and Australia and he has been selected on multiple occasions by Archive magazine as one of the 200 Best Illustrators worldwide. He has also scored press in publications such as Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Taschen’s Illustration Now, Hypebeast, Booooooom, Arrested Motion, Hi-Fructose, Acclaim, Complex, Vice, and Juxtapoz.

Jasper is also the founder of a gallery in Hong Kong called ABOVE SECOND and another creative venue in Honolulu called LOFT IN SPACE. In its existence, both Monocle magazine and CNN have chosen it as one of the best galleries in the city. Jasper is also the creator and lead director of POW WOW HAWAII, which is a non-profit organization of contemporary artists committed to community enrichment through the creation of art outreach programs, educational programs and engaging the community in the creation and appreciation of art.

Jasper’s newest venture is in the form of a community art center called LANA LANE STUDIOS. It is a repurposed industrial warehouse that has been transformed into progressive 2D/3D creative workspace and center for teaching and learning. It is a place where creative output flourishes, interacts with and inspires the community. It is a combination of private studio spaces and a fully functional art school for the youth of Hawaii.

Websites: /

Montreal condos for sale YUL


Faith47 is a South African artist whose work has become part of the fabric of cities around the world. The beauty she finds in the brokenness of abandoned spaces resonates through her storytelling. Her images painted onto the city’s weathered canvas create textured narratives that combine her pursuit of the mysterious with the decayed city walls’ stories of time passed. Her work presents a way of seeing through the physical reality into the layers underneath. There is the semblance of the impermanence of life, a fascination with the deep tragedy of our existence, and the yearning of mankind to find spiritual safety within this great chaotic unknown.

Faith47’s subject matter embodies these preoccupations: iconic figures both mourn and warn against the human condition; great beasts remind that nature is our wisest teacher. Often solitary these characters delineate the plight of the individual, enraptured with the mystery of existence. They form parables that are hints at truths, evoking the possibilities of an unfolding transcendental journey.

Montreal condos for sale YUL



YUL Condos: Silent Art Auction.

During last Thursday’s silent art auction, YUL Condos raised over $25 000 for the CHU Sainte- Justine Foundation.

Hosted at the YUL Presentation Centre located on Boul. René-Lévesque O., the event was hosted by none other than Claudia Marques from 92.5 The Beat Radio station. Buonanotte served sumptuous appetizers, while Barefoot Wine was served to guests. DJ Abeille, Fafa Khan and Mighty Kat worked the music throughout the evening.

Last summer, four internationally known artists created the YUL project’s murals which totally transformed the Overdale Square. As a working collaboration between working artists and the YUL real estate project, the four massive 800 square foot murals did a lot to help define what has to be one of Montreal’s most exciting development projects to be seen in recent years. Cut, sized and mounted for auction, over a hundred people attended the event to bid on assorted pieces by Ricardo Cavolo, Montreal’s Omen, Jasper Wong and Faith47.

The YUL team wishes to thank everybody who attended and contributed to last week’s event because they all believe there’s nothing better than a great party for a great cause.

Montreal condos for sale YUL


Furnished amenities by Armani Casa, a Montreal premiere.

None other than the Milanese designer Giorgio Armani will be amongst the prestigious collaborators behind the YUL project. Where luxury and elegance will meet in a new condo project in downtown Montreal.

The collaboration with Armani Casa, greatly prized internationally, will allow a unique design within the amenities, bringing together functionality and intimacy, to the benefit of condos, penthouses and townhouses YUL co-owners.  

Blending harmoniously rich and refined clean lines and sober colors materials, common areas of the two 38 floors residential towers and 18 townhouses will be  transformed into inviting and relaxing places to live.  

With its judicious arrangement of furniture and lighting in the lobby, lounge spa, coffee lounge and Sky lounge, Armani Casa will offer a living environment warm, comfortable and sophisticated.  

The conception of these spaces has been designed to favors relaxation and well-being, respecting the philosophy of the Italian designer that perceives the house as "a perfect shelter, where the colors and forms invite us into an inner calm".

As a Montreal premiere, this prestigious collaboration will provide a distinctive touch to world-class living as YUL promotes it. Thanks to the inimitable aesthetic signed Armani Casa.

Montreal condos for sale YUL


Four murals for the health of children

After they gave life to the site of YUL condo project in downtown Montreal before the official opening, the unique works of four internationally reputed muralists will be sold at a silent auction on October 10th. All profits from the sales of the YUL murals will be donated to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, which monitors the health and quality of life of children and mothers of Quebec.  

As they became visual ambassadors of YUL, the four giant murals embodied the world-class theme of the four cardinal points. From north to south, from east to west, the art covered a worldwide tour and exhibited the open-minded culture of Montreal.  

The North painting seduced with its naive style, bright colors and its vivid energy, emanating from the vision of Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo. Born and raised in a nation celebrating the joy of living in the rhythm of a vibrant culture, Ricardo constantly creates and reinvents himself.

South African Faith47 rather took us right in the heart of the values that shaped society and that are sometimes forgotten. The South is thus tinged with certain wisdom, exacerbated by the traces of human awareness left through societal struggles.  

The symbolism of the West, marked by the imagination of Montreal artist OMEN, reveals a spirit of freedom represented by the portrait of an assumed and determined woman, master of her destiny, and whose impact on society only found comparison in the full force she embodies.

The unbridled aspect of our world has been staged by Jasper Wong, born in Hong Kong and raised in the Hawaiian Islands. Proud of his passion for comics, Asian pop culture and iconic characters like Pikachu, Hello Kitty, Astro robot and even Bambi, Jasper took the East in an original piece, where our childhood idols meet with modern conflicts.  

The silent auction entirely funded and commissioned by YUL will take place on October 10th. If you wish to purchase tickets, please contact Andréanne Isabelle Poitras at or visit the «Mural» section for more details on

Montreal condos for sale YUL


YUL Condos: News on the Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine House.

The Gazette published an article on the Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine house this week. Click on the  link to get more information:

Montreal condos for sale YUL


You gotta have Faith

What happens when street art meets human consciousness? Faith47, an artist who hails from South Africa is the latest and the last artist to take part in the YUL mural.  Her works have gained an international reputation as her subject matter revolves around the various culture wars we often mark as trivial. 

Her emotionally arresting murals details society’s struggles with its people, politics & the delicate balance of nature versus nurture.  She draws inspiration from decayed inner city walls and abandoned structures that people walk by everyday but never really notice.
Her YUL mural is nothing short of mesmerizing. She was assigned the Southern cardinal point where she paints a picture that represents the values that Western society often preach but sometimes forget.  
We urge you to visit the site and tell us your opinion of the artwork.

YUL is very proud to have commissioned a mural by this artist as we feel a certain kinship to her cause. The land where YUL will one day rise has been abandoned for years.  This condo development will turn this once decaying strip of land into a place that is beautiful and community driven. The rebeautification of Overdale Square is not only for YUL residents but for all Montrealers.  It is a task we take with baited breath. 

Montreal condos for sale YUL


YUL in the news



The developers behind YUL project are the Brivia Group and TG Beco. They describe the Montreal development as being among their most ambitious and exciting projects to date. In order to initiate and maintain a successful real estate project, the developers believe they must surround themselves with the best and the brightest in every field. Thus, we the thought we would give you a small introduction of the YUL team. And what a team it is.

MSDL Architects designed two towers (as well as the townhouses) that will be clad in glass as a post-modern fusion of opaque and natural light. The design revolves around the complete renovation of a historical site in one of the oldest cities in Canada.

NIPPAYSAGE, a landscape architecture firm, will create the biggest private urban garden in downtown Montreal, featuring an outdoor pool that morphs into a skating rink in the winter. Their vision and their dedication to a sustainable environment has earned them an international reputation in their field.

Crown Real Estate is the sales force behind the project. Their combined experience and their working knowledge of Montreal’s real estate community made them the perfect team to serve the buyers needs and expectations.

In the future, we look forward to shedding more light on each team as YUL comes to life. We hope you enjoy learning about these Montreal companies as much as we did working with them.

Montreal condos for sale YUL



We eat fast food, drive SUV's and define success by work-oriented schedules. It's easy to get lost with misconceptions and preconceived ideas, but let's forget about the stereotypes of the Western world.  Thankfully, Omen has demonstrated that the West is a place that rises to its full potential in times of global crisis. His mural proudly boasts the face of a woman holding a plane, which transcends the complete control she holds over her own destiny. The West has given hope to countries across the world because a Western woman is not only free and valued but also the cornerstone of its society. We thank Omen for his mural that shows one of the West's most important accomplishments: it's relentless fight for its citizens in the past and future.

Montreal condos for sale YUL



As we say farewell to Ricardo Cavolo's mural inspired by the North, we change destination and head out West. Internationally recognized street artist Omen will start his mural on site at YUL on June 27th. Hailing from Montreal, Omen, has become a powerful advocate for the street art movement. He challenges the traditional forms of art by shedding new light on urban expression. Breaking barriers and teaching people that art can change the world, one aerosol can at at a time.

Montreal condos for sale YUL



If Montreal walls could speak, what would they say? After the events of this past week on one of Montreal's most historic streets we need not answer. The Mural festival ended this Sunday where twenty live mural paintings spread across St-Laurent Blvd. This event, one of many during the hot Montreal summer, reminds us that this city's high regard for creative ingenuity, spirit and fun is always on the rise. Local and international artists, including Ricardo Cavolo and Omen, spread the word (or shall we say paint brush) that urban street art is colourful, loud and symbolic. The event garnered local and international press coverage that praised the Festival and its artists

Montreal condos for sale YUL



Madrid native Ricardo Cavolo's mural was unveiled this past Grand Prix weekend. The rain couldn't keep the crowds from admiring this great piece of urban art. 

The inspiration behind the mural is the cardinal point assigned to all four artists participating in the YUL mural project throughout the summer. Ricardo's mural represents the North. We are a city, nay a nation that thrives on culture, love and joie de vivre. We thank Ricardo for depicting the North with such colour and energy.

Montreal condos for sale YUL



It’s only fitting that the first destination of YUL’s unique artistic project will be the North. Nothing more logical for the most cosmopolitan metropolis in the only country where True North can be found.

From June 3 to 9, Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo will be creating his interpretation of this cardinal point of the compass live on a giant mural. We can’t wait to find out what flight of fancy will take over this young illustrator. From tattoos to textiles, and record covers to books to decor, if there’s a surface, he’s got it covered. He creates a visual universe inhabited by fantastic creatures, outlaws, and outsiders in a passionate palette of vibrant hues. You can follow every touch of this exuberant colourist as his work unfolds on location at YUL’s development site.

Once completed, Ricardo’s mural will be exhibited from June 9 to 24, until it is taken down to make way for another artist headed in a different direction.

Montreal condos for sale YUL


Our artists have completed their murals, bringing their inspiration to illuminate the YUL site and the entire Montreal cultural scene. Now their works are off to a new destination and a new vocation, that of preserving life. Works will be sold at a silent auction, on October 10, with all proceeds going to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the children and mothers of Quebec.

Montreal condos for sale YUL


Montreal condos for sale YUL


  • 89 STUDIOS - 7 TYPES - From 333 to 446 FT2

Whether it’s a place of study for the studious or the ultimate pied à terre whenever you touch down in Montreal, YUL studios are perfectly designed and located for whatever’s on your agenda.

Montreal condos for sale YUL
Montreal condos for sale YUL


  • 238 UNITS - 23 TYPES - From 513 to 759 FT2

YUL’s 1-bedroom units give you a taste of life at the top, with the city at your feet and design, features, and finishes that will really turn your head.

Montreal condos for sale YUL
Montreal condos for sale YUL


  • 67 UNITS - 10 TYPES - FROM 652 TO 1164 FT2

Along with two bedrooms, you get an extraordinary amenities floor, an exclusive landscaped courtyard oasis, and so much more. There’s no need to think twice about this.

Montreal condos for sale YUL
Montreal condos for sale YUL


  • 12 UNITS - 6 TYPES - From 1484 to 1600 FT2

Extraordinary location, incredible access, breathtaking views. Stunning design, superb style, fabulous furnishings. Exclusive courtyard, luxuriant landscaping, astonishing amenities. 3-bedroom condos at YUL.

Montreal condos for sale YUL
Montreal condos for sale YUL

YUL’s top floors take design freedom to new heights. On the 35th floor, future residents can purchase any amount of square footage they want and fashion the home of their dreams within it.

On the 36th and the 37th floors, design freedom is doubled. Literally. Here, both floors become one, with square footage applied to two-storey duplex penthouses.

YUL. Let your imagination take flight.

Montreal condos for sale YUL
Montreal condos for sale YUL


YUL also includes 18 cozy, 4-storey townhouses with entrances off the secluded confines of Overdale Street, and backyards that give on to the project’s stunning interior courtyard. Each townhouse comes with a basement, 4 bedrooms, and a 324 sq. ft. rooftop terrace.

Montreal condos for sale YUL

YUL will be a glittering embodiment of the ultimate in luxury urban living in the heart of downtown Montreal. The development features two “shifted block” towers rising 38 storeys high, flanked to the south by townhouses on what is currently known as Overdale Square.

The centrepiece will be an enormous enclosed common area exclusively for residents, containing a huge courtyard, a fitness area, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool that converts into a skating rink during winter. YUL. Prestige. Pride of place. Privacy.

Montreal condos for sale YUL
Montreal condos for sale YUL

YUL will be a glittering embodiment of the ultimate in luxury urban living in the heart of downtown Montreal. The development features two “shifted block” towers rising 38 storeys high, flanked to the south by townhouses on what is currently known as Overdale Square.

The centrepiece will be an enormous enclosed common area exclusively for residents, containing a huge courtyard, a fitness area, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool that converts into a skating rink during winter. YUL. Prestige. Pride of place. Privacy.

Montreal condos for sale YUL

A pool. But not just any pool. A pool with saunas and steam rooms nearby. A glassed-in pool that seems to stretch to azure infinity overlooking the exquisite interior courtyard. A pool to do laps in. To relax in. To play in. Or to stay in. A pool to lounge by. Or rest by. A pool to dip in or to flip in. A pool where you just can’t help going with the flow. And best of all, YUL has two, one outdoor, one indoor. So come in. The water’s always fine.

Montreal condos for sale YUL
Montreal condos for sale YUL

The garden of earthly delights that is the interior courtyard is surrounded by delightful spots of all kinds. An outdoor pool. An indoor pool. The Salon Spa where you can chill out on the warmest days of summer, or curl up with your favourite book and cozy up to a fire during the coldest days of winter. Completing the ground floor amenities is a glassed-in fitness area featuring the latest in high-tech equipment. Just what you need to work up an appetite for everything else that YUL has to offer.

Montreal condos for sale YUL

The Sky Lounge on the 38th floor commands a stunning panoramic view of the city, where you can catch sunset or sunrise in all their splendour. Which makes it just the spot to meet friends, make friends, unwind with friends, wind up with friends, or just relax by yourself. From dawn to dusk. Or vice-versa.

Montreal condos for sale YUL

The quiet and elegant confines of the Lounge Café Bar overlooking the interior courtyard are the perfect place for coffee by day or cocktails by night. Not to mention the ideal space to host a meeting with clients, a study session, or an intimate dinner party or two.

Montreal condos for sale YUL



YUL's developers are T.G.Beco and Brivia Group, led by its visionary president, Mr. Kheng Ly and committed to projects that value, respect, and care for community planning and development.

Montreal condos for sale YUL



Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux is a multiple award-winning firm of architects that develops practical and aesthetic solutions that benefit users, the environment and the economy alike.

Landscape architects


NIPPAYSAGE is a leader in redefining public spaces, for venues ranging from public parklands to institutional gardens, as well as on installations blending art, environment and landscape.

Montreal condos for sale YUL



These award-winning firms combine a passion for innovation with a commitment to sustainable development, and a particular expertise in glass structures.



The Crown Real Estate Group is one of the most respected brokerage firms serving the Montreal area, with particular expertise in luxury homes, condos and investment properties.

Montreal condos for sale YUL
Montreal condos for sale YUL



Armani/Casa is known throughout the world for the sophisticated elegance of its collection. The unmistakable signature will be evident in all common areas, which will be furnished exclusively with Armani/Casa products: the main lobby, the bar area, the common room, the pool area and the Sky Lounge.



YUL’s units will all have kitchens created by Arclinea, the Italian firm renowned for its innovative solutions bringing together creativity, conviviality, functionality and the optimal usage of available space.

Montreal condos for sale YUL

Branding and Communications

St-Louis Communications

St-Louis Communications is a full-service advertising agency that has lent its creativity and branding expertise to many of Montreal's most prestigious luxury real estate developments.

Montreal condos for sale YUL

Downtown living

When you make YUL your destination, you get yourself a ringside seat to all the action in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in North America, designed to dazzle the eye, delight the senses, and stimulate the mind. You’re mere steps from a gourmet’s playground, boasting superb offerings of local and international cuisines. Not to mention stunning shopping. If you can’t find it here, you can’t find it anywhere. And it’s just minutes away. You’re rubbing shoulders with Bell Centre, featuring some of the finest sporting and entertainment events in the world. Just a stone’s throw from the Quartier des Spectacles, you can join in the constant celebration of music of all kinds, dance, humour, and film. Montreal bustles all day and blazes all night. And if it takes a few hours off, it’s merely to dream up what it’s going to do next.

Montreal condos for sale YUL
Montreal condos for sale YUL



  • 24/7 doorman
  • Camera monitoring with recording in lobby and garage
  • Panic buttons in garage
  • Emergency generator to meet code compliance, plus operation of an elevator and power to a refuge area in lobby


Ground floor

  • 2-storey lobby
  • Indoor/outdoor lounge
  • Bar/reunion room
  • Gym
  • Indoor pool with spa and dry and wet sauna
  • Cloistered private garden

38th ÉTAGE

  • Sky Lounge
  • Private reunion room
  • Terraces


Living features – suites

  • Suite entrance with stained solid-core wood door
  • Painted solid-core Masonite interior doors
  • Standard door hardware supplied by the Vendor
  • White painted baseboards and door trims
  • Floor covering: (i) wide-plank engineered flooring in all rooms and kitchen; (ii) bathrooms and powder room (see below); and (iii) ceramic tiles in washer/dryer storage area
  • Ceiling finishes: drywall or plaster glazed concrete
  • All walls and ceilings, except as noted, are finished with three (3) coats of latex paint: one (1) primer coat and two (2) coats of white finish
Montreal condos for sale YUL

Kitchen and appliances

  • Three (3) kitchen finish packages offered
  • Quartz kitchen countertop for each finish package
  • Glass backsplash for each finish package
  • Appliances: refrigerator, cooktop, wall oven under cooktop, exhaust hood, dishwasher and washer/dryer provided
  • Single-lever chrome sink faucet
  • Stainless-steel kitchen sink
  • Electric outlets and plumbing provided
Montreal condos for sale YUL


  • Shower surround covered in 4" x 16" ceramic tiles
  • Floor covering: 12" x 24" porcelain tiles
  • Shower with frameless, fixed glass panel
  • Ceramic shower pan
  • Chrome finish shower faucet
  • Wall-mounted bathroom vanity with integrated sink
  • Dual-flush, white porcelain elongated bowl with soft-close seat

Master bathroom

  • Walls around tub surround covered with 4" x 16" ceramic tiles
  • Floor covering: 12" x 24" porcelain tiles (except for shower area)
  • Chrome finish shower faucet
  • Wall-mounted bathroom vanity with integrated sink
  • Chrome finish sink faucet
  • Porcelain tub
  • Chrome-plate finish tub faucet
  • Dual-flush, white porcelain elongated bowl with soft-close seat

Main bathroom

  • Shower surround covered in 4" x 16" ceramic tiles
  • Floor covering: 12" x 24" porcelain tiles
  • Shower with frameless, fixed glass panel
  • Ceramic shower pan
  • Chrome finish shower faucet
  • Wall-mounted bathroom vanity with integrated sink
  • Dual-flush, white porcelain elongated bowl with soft-close seat

Common areas

  • Floor covering: (i) large-scale porcelain tiles and natural stone in lobby; and (ii) carpet in corridors


  • Electrical panel(s) in units as per engineer’s specifications
  • Suspended lights in kitchen
  • Wall-mounted lights in bathroom
  • Water-resistant light in shower
  • All lighting fixtures are provided and installed by the Purchaser, except those expressly mentioned herein
  • Each condominium unit is prewired for telephone, data and cable
  • Individual electric meter for each unit
  • All common-area lighting fixtures are provided and installed by the Vendor


  • Central hot water system with recirculating loops
  • PVC drainage pipes in suites; copper and/or cast iron for main service risers and drains
  • Acoustic insulation around plumbing pipes where required


  • Ducted, in-suite central air-conditioning system, refrigerated by a condensing unit located in common areas (one condensing unit per floor)
  • Electric baseboard heaters
  • Electronic programmable thermostats
  • Local air exhaust system for each kitchen and dryer
  • Central air exhaust for bathroom(s)
  • Common areas: tempered, fresh air mix into common areas
  • Central water cooling with indoor cooling towers located in penthouse


Flooring (structure)

  • Steel-reinforced concrete slab as per structural engineer

Unit Ceiling height

  • 9 ft. on all levels
    With localized dropped areas for mechanical (plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and electrical distribution

Dividing walls

  • Wall composition as per code or superior to code


Exterior finishes and roof

  • Hidden frame curtain wall
  • Aluminum panels
  • Porcelain tile cladding
  • Operable (some, not all) windows in each unit
  • Windows with insulated glass construction
  • Insulated roof, sloped for drainage


  • Steel-reinforced concrete foundation walls as per structural engineer


Building accessibility

  • Telephone communication system links the main entrance to each individual unit
  • Magnetic card or proximity detector will give access to the building’s main entrance, amenities rooms and garage; two (2) cards or detectors will be provided to each unit
  • A key will give access to the unit; two (2) keys will be provided to each unit
  • Additional cards, proximity detectors or keys will be available for an additional fee
  • Camera system at the main entrance, allowing in-suite viewing over cable TV
  • Four (4) passenger elevators

Fire protection/co-owners’ security

  • Individual smoke detector(s) in each condominium unit as per code
  • A sprinkler system will be installed on all levels as per code
  • Fire extinguishers installed in common areas where required by code; fire extinguishers in units are at the Purchaser’s cost
  • Emergency lighting system is provided in common areas
  • A generator supplies electric current for emergency services as required by code
  • Carbon monoxide exhaust system with CO detectors in the garage
  • Emergency life safety systems as required by code


  • In the interest of continually improving the product or due to scarcity of materials, the Vendor reserves the right to make changes to the plans, features, materials or specifications without further notice.
  • All dimensions and areas shown on the marketing documents are approximate. “As built” dimensions and areas may vary from those shown. The linear dimensions shown indicate distances from interior wall to interior wall. The areas shown are based on standard architectural calculations.
  • The dimensions in this Agreement and in the marketing and promotional material of the Promoter are architectural dimensions and not cadastral dimensions. The price of the unit is not solely determined by its superficial cadastral area but also takes into account its location, nature and destination.
  • The square footage indicated in the present Agreement includes areas occupied by mechanical conduits and structural elements, 50% of demising walls, 100% of the space between the unit wall and common areas, and 100% of exterior walls. This superficial area will not correspond with the superficial area indicated in the certificate of location and the declaration of Co-ownership given that the superficial area shown on those documents is a net superficial area and does not include the space occupied by demising walls, exteriors walls and areas occupied by mechanical conduit and structural elements. The Vendor does not provide any warranty with respect to the net cadastral superficial area and the Purchaser hereby acknowledges the above and renounces to such a warranty for all purposes of law.



Milan comes to Montreal by way of YUL’s association with Armani Casa, another YUL exclusive and a Montreal first. When Armani Casa creates interiors, we find the unmistakable signature of the Milanese designer. Pure lines and refined materials and colours, as easy to slip into as made-to-measure clothing. This approach, the polar opposite of ostentatious luxury, is precisely what attracted YUL. Giorgio Armani’s vision of living spaces as intimate and very special places, both comfortable and sophisticated, will be incarnated in the furnishings of YUL’s common areas: the main lobby, the bar area, the common room, the pool area and the Sky Lounge. This prestigious partnership reflects an overall approach to architecture and design that focuses on the perfection of even the smallest details. YUL and Armani Casa. Style in style.



INNN Nouvelles


Montreal condos for sale YUL CLOSE

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